Signs of Low Testosterone


Signs of low testosterone vary from one guy to the next. The most common signs of low testosterone are repeated over and over in popular marketing campaigns for drugs to treat “low T,” which is just a nice way of saying low testosterone levels. The brunt of the marketing circles around a man's virility, libido, and his ability to perform. Low blows to be sure. If there is any way to get up the ire of a man it's to hit him between the legs and question his virility.


Of all the signs of low testosterone, the most aggravating is lost libido. You remember when you were a stud, but now you can barely get it up, or even want to. You know that's not going to go unnoticed.  Every guy knows, in the back of his mind, whether he wants to admit it or not, that if he's not pleasing the misses she's going to eventually wander over to a dude who isn't showing any signs of low testosterone. Beyond the lascivious signs of low testosterone, there are other signs of low testosterone levels that combine for a very difficult to handle period of your life, andropause. Just like a woman in her fifty's will got through menopause, a man will go through andropause – a decline in the main androgenic hormone, testosterone. Signs of low testosterone include:


Increased body fat

Decreased strength

Loss of muscle mass

Fragile bones

Decreased body hair

Increased fatigue


Obviously, there are many more signs of low testosterone, however, if you delve a little deeper into the significance of just these indicators of low testosterone levels, you'll see a common and important denominator. Even though after 30 years of age a man begins to produce less and less testosterone, it doesn't really get to a point where he notices it until he hits about 50, especially if he's lead a very active lifestyle. When a man reaches a point where he begins to notice these signs of low testosterone he begins to ponder his age. He starts thinking about how much time he has left, his aches and pains, how weak he feels, how much harder it is to get moving and light a fire under his ass. You ever feel like that? You're not lazy, but you just want to sleep? It's hard for a guy to accept he's going through andropause – and getting old before his own eyes.


It's even harder still to realize that the onset of age is not only irreversible, but also insidious. It's not going to get better. You're losing your mojo and there's nothing you can do about it.  Well, that's not totally true. When a man shows signs of low testosterone, he can supplement the low testosterone levels with weekly injections of testosterone. Numerous clinical studies examined testosterone therapy in men and have demonstrated improvements in every aspect associated with aging. The most profound of which included significant improvements in body composition, muscle mass, stamina and libido. All of which combined could be the thing that will keep momma happy at home. At least that's the image the marketers use.


The message is clear, low testosterone levels make you less of a man. The less of a man you are the less of the opposite sex you will attract. When you consider what the signs of low testosterone are, it's hard to mount an argument against doing something about it.


May 08, 2017 by Richard Rodriguez

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