• Does rodriguezrichard.com Have An Affiliate Program?

    rodriguezrichard.com has recently launched an affiliate program so that we can provide you with better incentives for performance, superior tools, and improved marketing strategies. Affiliate orders are being tracked daily by our internal systems. Order data is updated in real-time daily. You will never experience any loss of order data. We are currently implementing the process to update orders daily. Once your application is complete, orders will be processed daily into. We encourage all affiliates to sign up as soon as possible, so that we can set up your account in OmniStar and ensure a seamless transition.


Commission Structure*

We offer an excellent commission structure with no cap on your income!
For any publishers with website content related to the fitness/nutrition industry:
    • 25% net profits on all New rodriguezrichard.com Customer online sales. Defined as a customer that has never shopped with rodriguezrichard.com before.
    • 15% on all Return  rodriguezrichard.com Customer online sales. Defined as a customer that has submitted orders with rodriguezrichard.com in the past. 
For any coupon/deal/loyalty related website:
    • 5% Flat commission for any sale referred to rodriguezrichard.com

*These commission structures are what are offered upon entering the rodriguezrichard.com affiliate program as a new affiliate and are subject to change. Affiliates are paid at the following minimum amounts (if minimum pay out isn't made it will carry over to the following month):

Minimum Payout for Direct Deposit
USD: $50.00
CAD: $50.00
EUR: €25.00
GBP: £25.00
SEK: 300.00
Minimum Payout for Check
USD: $100.00
CAD: $100.00
EUR: €60.00
GBP: £50.00
SEK: 600.00

Please note: Due to possible foreign shipping delays and customs regulations, commission all purchases made outside of the United States will automatically be extended an additional month. 

Getting Started

It is strongly recommended that you read thoroughly through our Terms and Conditions prior to submitting an application to the

rodriguezrichard.com affiliate program to ensure that you are and will remain compliant. Get started by completing the Affiliate Application. Once you are approved, simply send us as many surfers as possible using the affiliate tools provided by rodriguezrichard.com and Commission Junction! The more traffic you send, the more online sales you have, the more money you make

Complete the Affiliate Application TODAY! 

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    • rodriguezrichard.com Affiliate Terms and Conditions

      Affiliate Terms and Conditions
      Paid Search Marketing
      • Bidding on trademark keywords (i.e. rodriguezrichard.com, rodriguezrichard.com, rodriguezrichard.com or musclefuelstore.com) or any variations, adaptations or misspellings is prohibited.
      • This includes any trademarked keyword in combination with any other words or symbols.
      • Bidding on “rodriguezrichard.com Coupon(s)” or any match type is prohibited.
      • Direct linking and forced redirects to rodriguezrichard.com are prohibited when performing search engine marketing.
      • Affiliates must direct traffic to their own landing page from within paid search.
  • Linking to rodriguezrichard.com
    • Affiliates that use link shorteners, must have their link shortening method approved by rodriguezrichard.com before use.
      • The following link shortening services are approved:
      • Bitly
      • Goo.gl
      • T.co
      • TinyURL
      • The following link shortening services are approved:
    • Beyond link shortening, any type of link cloaking is prohibited.
    • Affiliates that fail to provide accurate referring domains upon request from rodriguezrichard.com will be subject to commission reversal and removal from the rodriguezrichard.com affiliate network.
    Coupon/Deal Marketing
    • Posting of non-affiliate order level coupons by affiliates is prohibited without prior written consent from rodriguezrichard.com.
    • Coupons and deals found on Impact Radius or those being promoted directly on a rodriguezrichard.com product page or brand guide are allowed.
    • User generated content that contains unauthorized coupon codes is not allowed to appear on any page where an affiliate link to rodriguezrichard.com is present.
    • Affiliates found promoting any unauthorized coupon codes will be subject to a reversal of ALL commissions for the given period.

    Commission Structures

    • Affiliate commission terms are under continuous review and are subject to change at the discretion of rodriguezrichard.com.
    • rodriguezrichard.com reserves the right to remove an affiliate from the rodriguezrichard.com affiliate network at any time, for any reason.

    Site Usage

    • Affiliates are prohibited from using rodriguezrichard.com’s property, including, but not limited to, rodriguezrichard.com’s Forum, rodriguezrichard.com’s Facebook Wall, rodriguezrichard.com Supplement Reviews and rodriguezrichard.com’s Article Comments feature, to direct traffic to websites, Facebook page names, Facebook advertising campaigns and Twitter accounts which the affiliate owns or where the affiliate has placed affiliate links back to rodriguezrichard.com.
    • Due to system constraints, affiliates shall not drive traffic to rodriguezrichard.com Blogs.

    Banner Creative

    • Affiliates that generate their own creative materials in an effort to promote rodriguezrichard.com must get all such materials approved by rodriguezrichard.com prior to publishing.
    • Using an affiliate account for the purpose of placing orders for your personal use is prohibited.

    International Orders
    Due to possible foreign shipping delays and customs regulations, any order made outside of the United States will automatically be extended to ensure proper payment, fulfillment and delivery of the order.

    SPAM and Electronic Messages
    Publisher shall not send commercial electronic mail messages as defined in the new Federal spam law, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 [the “Act”], with respect to rodriguezrichard.com Affiliate Program. For clarification, this does not prohibit Publisher from sending transactional or relationship messages as defined in the Act. In addition, except as expressly authorized by rodriguezrichard.com, any and all electronic messages initiated or sent by Publisher or on Publisher’s behalf must identify Publisher as the sender and may not suggest or imply, or mislead or be likely to mislead a recipient into believing that a rodriguezrichard.com site is the sender or sponsor of, or has induced Publisher to send, such electronic messages. Publisher shall not use a return address, subject heading, header information or message contents that misleads or confuses or is likely to mislead or confuse a recipient that the Publisher is the sender.

    These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of rodriguezrichard.com at any time and without notice. Affiliate is responsible to comply with current Terms and Conditions and is encouraged to check said Terms and Conditions periodically.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Q. What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?A: Affiliate Marketing is a performance based advertising program where online publishers, or affiliates, can earn a commission on orders submitted by customers they refer to an online merchant. They do this by creatively integrating the merchant's product or content into their site through blogs, product reviews, banner advertisements, etc.
The tracking process is simple. Once in the rodriguezrichard.com affiliate program, affiliates can create affiliate links to rodriguezrichard.com. When that link is clicked on by a visitor to that affiliate's site, a tracking cookie is planted on that user's computer and when they complete a purchase at rodriguezrichard.com, the cookie fires and a commission is applied to that affiliate's account. The cookie exists on that user's computer for 60 days so the purchase does not have to be completed in the same visit.

    2. Q. How do I become an affiliate and how is my affiliate account managed? 
A: The first step to becoming a rodriguezrichard.com affiliate is creating an account with our third party affiliate network, OmniStar. You can begin this process by clicking here. Your application will be reviewed and responded to within 72 hours.
Your account is managed by s. OmniStar is responsible for managing all commission payouts and paperwork associated with your affiliate account. .

    3. Q. Are there any costs associated with joining the rodriguezrichard.com affiliate program? 
A: It is completely free to create an account with OmniStar and join the rodriguezrichard.com affiliate program. In fact, since all purchases are completed at rodriguezrichard.com, we handle all customer service responsibilities such as receiving payment, shipping orders, managing inventory and handling any customer problems that may arise. We have the best customer service and the fastest shipping in the industry so it's rare that we leave a customer anything less than wowed. This means higher conversion for you and higher payouts.
Because there is no charge, there is virtually no risk in getting involved!

    4. Q. Do I have to have a website to become an affiliate? 
A: Not necessarily. If you have a strong social media presence or are good at e-mail marketing, you can have success. In reviewing your application, if we do not see a website listed, we may request to see an example of your promotional methods so that we can see what kind of content our logo or advertisements will be associated with.
Our top performing affiliates typically drive traffic from a value-add, fitness or nutrition related website.

    5. Q. What kind of activity is prohibited in rodriguezrichard.com affiliate marketing program? 
A: Please view our Terms and Conditions for a comprehensive look at what is and is not allowed in the rodriguezrichard.com

Q. How much are commissions? 
A: New publishers with fitness and nutrition related content websites, upon entering the rodriguezrichard.com affiliate program, are offered a 15% commission rate on orders completed by customers that are new to rodriguezrichard.com, and a 5% commission rate on orders completed by customers that have shopped with rodriguezrichard.com before. Please note that our tracking cookie is one-time use only, so whether the customer is new or repeat, only one transaction they submit upon an affiliate referral will be eligible for commission. This means that in order for affiliates to earn commissions on subsequent orders by a customer they refer, that customer will have to click through to rodriguezrichard.com on that affiliate's link.
For coupon-only promotion sites, we can only offer a flat 2% commission on all transactions. This does not mean that you can't promote special offers and coupons if you run a fitness content or other value-add site. This applies only to sites that promote coupons only without offering content relating to what you would see on rodriguezrichard.com.
Commission terms for all affiliates are subject to change.

    7. Q. How often will I get paid? 
A: All transactions for each month lock on the 10th of the following month and payments are submitted to affiliates on or around the 20th.
Affiliates are paid at the following minimum amounts (if minimum pay out isn't made it will carry over to the following month):


    USD: $50.00

    CAD: $50.00

    EUR: €25.00

    GBP: £25.00

    SEK: 300.00



    USD: $100.00

    CAD: $100.00

    EUR: €60.00

    GBP: £50.00

    SEK: 600.00


    Please note: Due to possible foreign shipping delays and customs regulations, commission all purchases made outside of the United States will automatically be extended an additional month.


Q. Do I have to live in the US to be an affiliate with rodriguezrichard.com? 
A: We accept affiliates from all over the world! Global expansion is one of our focuses as a company so we're happy to work with affiliates in all corners of the globe to help us in this effort. The only countries that we can't accept affiliates from are China and India.

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