Read It Before You Pin It: Super Test 400


Testosterone is one of those hormones that seems to do just about everything in the body. It burns fat quickly and easily, it boosts sex drive and enhances pleasure, it improves virility, it builds muscle and creates muscle tone, mass and definition and it even improves mood and affects your bodily organs from your skin to your brain. If you are looking for a way to kick your body up a notch, increase your athletic abilities and bulk up your muscles, supplementing with a regimented protocol of testosterone is one way to do it.


Whether you have yet to do your first pin or you have been cycling through rounds of muscle enhancers for years now, it is important to remember to do your research before injecting any hormonal substances. Here are the things you need to know if you are considering doing the anabolic hormone therapy known as Super Test 400.


What is Super Test 400?


As a fitness buff, you may be interested in the potential body building capabilities of Super Test 400, which has been proven to aid the body in accumulating muscle fibers and toning them for optimal endurance. Super Test 400 is a specially formulated blend of four different testosterone compounds, testosterone isocaproate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone decanoate and testosterone undecanoate. These four strains of the androgenic hormone combine to create a synergistic effect in the body. They are all included in equal amounts in Super Test 400.


As with all testosterones, these four synthetic versions of the hormone help the body to synthesize proteins from food. Since proteins eventually turn into muscle, this is a vital process for bulking up to the muscle size, strength and tone that you desire. The value of having four types of testosterone together in one injection is that they all work slightly differently in the body and have varied effects on certain pathways, processes and body functions. With Super Test 400, you pack a four-in-one punch to stubborn fat and weak muscles.


Testosterone Compounds Can Help You to Get Big


Once you find the right dosage of Super Test 400 that works for you, you are likely to be able to see the substance working steadily and dependably in your body to pack on the pounds of lean muscle and simultaneously destroy any lingering fat. Together with a healthy diet that emphasizes the correct ratios of proteins, fats, carbs and sugars, you can get in the best shape of your life fairly quickly and easily by using Super Test 400. Don’t forget that regular exercise and intensive workouts that challenge your muscles are a critical aspect of building your ideal body.


Though you may wish to start your Super Test 400 cycle today after learning of its potential benefits, it is still important to be cautious when approaching any steroidal substance, partly because of the side effects that they can create. Dosing your body with various testosterones may cause hormonal imbalance which can often lead to mood swings, estrogenic issues and other issues, so make sure you take care and follow an appropriate protocol.

May 07, 2017 by Comet Chat Admin