What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?


When you hear the term, hormone replacement therapy, your first thought may be that this type of treatment is only for women after menopause. In fact, hormone replacement treatment is something that can benefit men as well. What is hormone replacement therapy? This type of care involves the act of taking supplemental hormones. In some cases, individuals may not be producing enough hormones naturally, which makes supplementation necessary. In other cases, men may elect for this type of treatment in order to boost their natural hormones’ functions. Men choose replacement hormones in order to achieve top physical performance and an ideal physique.


Benefits for Men


Deciding to go forward with hormone replacement therapy is something that you need to consider along with the advice of your physician. What is hormone replacement therapy able to help you with? There are several things that supplemental hormones can provide for men specifically. First of all, men can benefit from this treatment by gaining additional energy. Additionally, many men see benefits with hormone treatment in the bedroom as well. Finally, hormone treatment for men can help your body go further in its development of muscles, red blood cells and stronger bones.  


Things to Consider


Beyond the advantages to this type of treatment, there are also things to consider. Side effects are bound to occur in any type of drug treatment. What is hormone replacement therapy doing to your body as well? Some men find that hormone treatment makes them retain more fluid, which can lead to increased urination. Other men report an increase in acne with these types of medications. In some cases, some more pronounced side effects might include instances such as a lower sperm count, cholesterol changes, breast enlargement, smaller testicle size, infertility or sleep apnea. Depending on your goals and situation, you must weigh the pros and cons of treatment using hormone replacement.


Different Types


There are several different options for individuals considering hormone treatment. What is hormone replacement therapy providing for patients? Here are some of the possible choices that you may want to investigate.


  • Testosterone – One of the most common hormone supplement ingredients for men, testosterone therapy can help you achieve larger muscle mass, more energy and an increased sex drive. This naturally occurring hormone in both men and women begins to decline as you age, and many individuals experience deficiencies.
  • Somatropin – Somatropin, which is a synthetic formula of the body’s human growth hormone, or HGH, can provide you with larger muscle size, increased mental clarity, healthier skin and more energy.
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone – Individuals who have an inefficient thyroid gland may choose to supplement with TSH. This can help boost your thyroid’s ability to regulate your metabolism.


Find Out More


There are many other types of hormone therapy treatments that are available for your specific goals or needs. What is hormone replacement therapy going to cost? Your price for this treatment may vary depending on your age, body type and specific course of treatment. When you’re ready to find out more, Wellness Fitness & Nutrition Network can help. This compounding pharmacy can provide you and your doctor with all of your hormone replacement needs.

May 07, 2017 by Richard Rodriguez

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