Achieving peak physical condition is something that takes determination, focus and discipline. If you have thought about taking the next step with your physical fitness and getting into bodybuilding, it’s about more than what you do at the gym. One big part of getting the bodybuilder’s size, definition and strength is maximizing your testosterone. Increasing this important hormone can help your body reach its goals in and out of the gym. In order to make the gains that you want and unlock your body’s potential, you need to focus on diet, training and specific supplements that can help boost your natural hormone production. You can find expert advice and supplement selection here at Wellness Fitness & Nutrition Network.




The fact is your muscles can never achieve that rock hard, impressive look if you aren’t paying attention to your diet. You need to evaluate your diet in order to determine if your caloric levels are enough to support your muscle growth. Then, you need to revamp your entire way of eating. A good place to start is by setting a calorie goal for each day and then figuring out the ratios of each element for your eating plan. In order to gain muscle, you may want to eat 50 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat. Additionally, you need to make sure your protein sources are of the highest quality such as lean cuts of meat, whey and eggs. It’s also smart to look for foods that are wholesome and packed with nutrients, while avoiding excess sugar and salt. This can set the stage for maximum testosterone efficiency.




Next, you need to understand how to engage your muscles by using the most effective exercises in the weight room. The focus should be on anaerobic exercise in order to create an anabolic effect. One of the best methods that can help release more testosterone into your body is to utilize short spurts of heavy weight training. It’s also important to constantly change up your routine to promote even more muscle growth due to the constant teardown and buildup of muscle fibers within your body. Most successful bodybuilders stick with basic weight training exercises such as squats, rows, curls, presses and other simple movements. Rather than going for a bunch of different new exercise positions, try varying your intensity and routine. It’s also important to devote some time to recovery and rest in order to avoid major injury.




The last key when it comes to becoming a bodybuilder is any additional supplements you choose to use in your body during your training. In order to get the biggest gains and the largest muscles, you need ingredients that push your testosterone to the highest levels. Many bodybuilders choose to enhance their natural physique with supplemental ingredients. One of the most preferred types of supplements uses the power of growth hormone in order to make more things possible with your muscles.


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Wellness Fitness & Nutrition Network has a wide variety of resources for both the professional and hobby bodybuilder. Our FDA approved pharmacy offers a selection of tools that can help you boost your testosterone to the next phase in order to create the body you’ve always dreamed of.



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